Margot Kidder, star of Superman, dies aged 69


Maslin was also likely referring to the role Kidder is most famous for: Lois Lane.

In this way, she turned that dark chapter into something positive. She followed that role up by running around the Hollywood Hills covered in dirt and leaves because celebrity is not all it's cracked up to be, even though Margot Kidder was pretty cracked up.

"We are all. a breath away from mental illness, homelessness, all of these things we tend to so look down on", she said in 2006.

"This is the pattern of my life", she told the magazine. "If you need to be loved, here I am". She also starred as Kathy Lutz in The Amityville Horror (1979) and appeared in movies such as Black Christmas (1974) and Heartaches (1981).

Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olson in the Superman films, paid tribute to Kidder in a statement: "Margie was one of the strongest women I've ever known".

"She was courageous about everything", she said.

She is survived by her only daughter, Maggie McGuane. Her mother, Margaret, was a teacher, and her father, Kendall, was an explosives expert whose job entailed taking the family to whatever remote place ore had been discovered. "After it was over, I totally understood the need to abolish the stigma attached to people with thought disorders", she told the Chicago Tribune in 2001.

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It is not yet known what Kidder died from. Kidder was 69 years old. Sister Annie said Margot lived happily before her death "with her dogs" in the USA west.

The actress passed away in her Montana home.

She also had a string of high profile relationships including dating former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, directors Brian de Palma and Steven Spielberg, and comedian Richard Pryor.

But following her 1996 breakdown, she began to recover her mental health. In 2007, she revealed she had not suffered a manic episode in 11 years and credited orthomolecular medicine.

"I just kind of admired her strength".

Margot Kidder's later movies were mostly of the horror genre, small independent films, or something with an indirect link to "Superman", but she proved her versatility as an actress by winning a Daytime Emmy Award in a children's performer. She became a cast member among some of the big names of the time, including Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman. In 2011, she was arrested outside of the White House for protesting against the Keystone XL pipeline.

She also was a prominent political activist, campaigning against the Gulf War, energy fracking and in support of Democrat Bernie Sanders in the 2016 USA presidential election.