Local impact of legal sports betting


That could create an entirely new advertising category that radio managers might want to keep their eyes on.

Dozens of states across the US are prepared to offer sports betting in the wake of the court's decision, but if it comes down to local bars, Lyons says, he is on board. It'll now be on the IN law makers to determine if sports gambling will be readily accessible across the state.

The Supreme Court is ushering in a new era of sports betting, and now its up to each individual state to make the final decision.

After the ruling came down that the Supreme Court had overturned the ruling that made sports betting illegal, National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver released the following statement. Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and West Virginia could follow soon, and the number of states might reach double digits by the end of the year.

However, other states that want to allow sports betting could still see several Super Bowls come and go before people there can place a legal bet close to home.

ABC-7 spoke with New Mexico State Representative, Bill McCamley (D), about the possibility of legalizing sports betting in New Mexico.

Some tracks say they were struggling to get by before this decision, and now they have new life.

"We're going to see support for this as well because I think people are going to say exactly what I've just said", Santabarbara said.

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy celebrated the victory over Twitter which all began by a lawsuit started by former Governor Chris Christie.

Area tourism leaders don't believe sports betting will spur massive casino redevelopment, but they do say it could draw a different, younger crowd to Tunica, especially on the weekends. "You're going to have the people that are for sports betting, they're going to hire people; you've got the existing gaming industry, who are resistant to expansion".

"A victory for the millions of Americans who seek to bet on sports in a safe and regulated manner", Freeman said in a conference call.

"(Customers) are telling us that if they can participate in sports betting at home, whether they live in MS or New Jersey or MA, it will only increase their interest in the sport and their team, and they will absolutely want to come to Las Vegas to root their team on, whether it's in a tournament or on TV or actually physically playing", MGM Resorts International CEO Jim Murren told The Associated Press.

This comes after the United States Supreme Court ruled that it should be allowed in all 50 states.

Senator Keenan said whether DraftKings participates in legal sports gambling in MA will be decided by the legislature.

"At stake here is the very integrity of sports", Hatch said in a statement.

Casinos fought for the approval to take sports bets because it's an important way to draw customers into the casinos.