Accessibility-Friendly Xbox Controller Leaks Ahead of E3


This makes the Microsoft Store at least a little more comparable with the likes of Steam, GoG, or Origin - though we doubt anyone is still going to want to use it.

There's no telling if this is an actual product or just a concept, but Windows Central reports that Microsoft could likely reveal this new controller at E3.

No details are available regarding the controller beyond what's self-evident within the image.

An image posted online by WalkingCat Twitter account shows a gamepad with two large black pads in place of the traditional array of buttons. On the top, are a variety of symbols representing various Xbox functions.

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Less obvious are other features that require some speculation. There's also A and B symbols etched into the controller underneath the customizable pads, and a sleek Xbox logo on the underside.

Whether or not the controller is genuine remains unclear. This controller would be hugely meaningful for users with accessibility needs that a typical Xbox controller could never provide.

It's reported that Microsoft is working on a brand new Xbox controller for accessibility. The design does look a bit unusual, but that's because the controller is said to have been designed with accessibility in mind.

Last Fall, the Microsoft Store enabled gifting of select Xbox One digital games, Xbox One downloadable game content (durables only), and Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. Hopefully, it's real, because there are a lot of Xbox owners who would undoubtedly love to see such a controller.