Spending Mother's Day as a Mother of an Autistic Child


A new survey unveiled what mothers want most on Mother's Day.

"Happy Mother's Day to all the handsome mothers out there, for being who you are, doing what you do and making us who we are".

Bollywood celebrities are not immune to their struggle their respective mothers went through for making them the independent and thriving personality they are today.

"I was blessed with a wonderful mom-just ask the kids in the neighborhood where I grew up".

"Thanks for being there through the tears, laughter and dirty diapers". These will help you in every possible manner.

You're the best. I'll love you forever.

Happy Mother's Day wishes, messages and quotes started flooding the social media pages and groups as the clock struck past midnight on May 13.

For most of you nannies are like a mother figure that has always been there to take care of you and your needs just like the way your mother would have. I do not know how would I survive in this harsh world without you. Am I on the phone too much around them?

Sonu Sood: Wish you could feed me all my life.

Harsh, but fair. At least I know I'm still welcome for brief visits.

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Posting a picture snapped with her mom, Ankita wrote, "Happy Mother's Day Maa!"

Mother's Day is therefore - or should be - of special significance to us, as special as the mother herself, set apart from all others by her love for us, her children. Thank you so much for everything mummy. My dad's always been the one that's been, you know, tough on me - the tough love.

Pooja Bhatt: "I think it's time to discard the Mother's Day clichés and promise to mother her in the twilight of her life".

She taught us better than that.

But wait a minute, she gave us life and cared deeply for us along the way. Happy Mother's Day Mommy.

And that's not even getting into the physical changes that motherhood has wrought. Viaan-Raj, Thank you for choosing me. My mother has always been their with me, the time I was fighting and rooting my ways.

But it's complicated. Moms love the fuss of the day, but the other 364 days typically leave them feeling exhausted, frustrated, and beaten both up and down. The Doodle is simple and to-the-point; it captures the essence of childhood, with your mother right there beside you through the best and worst times. I was silent not knowing how to answer her, I squeezed her hand, she seemed to understand my silence. I'm more interested in what my son drew at school than I am in world affairs.

"What is the difference between mother and wife?"

No amount of success can ever overshadow the amount of love one harbours for the woman who has brought them into the world. Whether it means getting together with a friend or another loved one to talk, writing in your journal, creating art about it, or curling up with a favorite film, TV show, or album, do that.