Google to roll out with new feature 'Take a Break' for YouTubers


If you think YouTube is wasting too much of your time, you can decide a time and set the reminder.

After the update is downloaded, YouTube users can go into the app's settings, and then the "General" menu selection. The new feature is now available on YouTube Android app version 13.17+ and comes in line with Google's attempt with Android P.

While YouTube won't technically stop you from watching the videos on the site for as long as you like, you now have the option to set reminders for you to actually take a break from watching non-stop videos of your favorite make-up tutorial, sports highlights, fan clips of your favorite tv couples, or whatever it is that keeps you glued to the app. If you have the notifications of the update, you will receive a notification regarding the new YouTube update on your phone as well.

YouTube introduced a series of new controls that will allow you to set limits on your viewing, and get reminders to "take a break".

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In order to start using this Take a Break feature on the YouTube's mobile app, you just need to launch the YouTube app and click the profile's Settings icon. If you want to choose the delivery time for the digests in the settings, then head to Settings Notifications Scheduled Digest. For more information you can check out the below listed image. YouTube has added a reminders option that reminds you to stop watching videos. You will get several options ranging from every 15 minutes to every 3 hours. Notably, the setting is optional and switched off by default.

These features will not be the last ones from Google that have been created to help users get less distracted because of technology.

There are also two more features in the YouTube notifications menu. It will reach to your region very soon.