See Deadpool profusely apologize to David Beckham


The movie launches next Friday in cinemas around the world. The film's violence was also highlighted, with one critic saying that it was the most violent mainstream film released since Kill Bill Vol 1. I mean, you don't earn the nickname "The Merc with a Mouth" for no reason. Especially if these early reactions from people who have seen it are anything to go by.

First, he visits Beckham at his home and offers him a glass of milk and cookies along with another series of "I'm sorry's".

I don't think it gets any clearer than that. There's plenty of humor, action & drama - and the movie balances it well. On second thought. I do love my @laughingmancoffee (subtle and shameless promo) T so I'll leave it. See how I did that @vancityreynolds?

Cinema Blend's Sean O'Connell tweeted, "So, #DEADPOOL2 is the ideal sequel".

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Deadpool originally began production in 2004 but was put on hold until 2014 when film footage leaked, and fans enthusiastic response to it, persuaded 20th Century Fox to give it the green light. "Huge, huge laughs that play the audience like a fiddle".

Reynolds captioned the post: "Lovingly, Wade". Great action, fantastic comic nods. Uproxx senior entertainment writer Mike Ryan deemed it "my now favorite post credit scene", which is quite surprising since the moment in Avengers: Infinity War after the approximately eight hours of credits when-wait, still too soon? Slow to start but all the stuff with X-Force and Cable (and Peter!) works surprisingly well.

There was also praise for the new-found emotional depth of the sequel.

Business Insider The credits scene in #Deadpool2 is the best one ever done to date in any superhero movie. But in classic Deadpool fashion, it feels oddly appropriate that the most notable thing about the movie is the tag scene at the end. So if thats any indication as to Deadpool's post credit skills, it is safe to say that he will defintely upstage his previous performance when Deadpool 2 hits theaters next week.