Newest Boston Dynamics Robot Runs And Jumps


The robotics company released this video of its insanely human-like robot named Atlas going out for some air - Boston Dynamics' own words, not ours. The engineering and robots firm released two videos on Thursday to show off what their new robots are now capable of. The robot jogs methodically across an expanse of grass, against a backdrop of trees punctuated by a few isolated buildings. Its range includes bots which can open doors, do backflips, and run across an uneven terrain, Mashable reported.

Boston Dynamics, which is backed by Softbank Group, has many a skilled robots to flaunt.

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While the clips in the latest Boston Dynamics video don't initially wow viewers like previous videos, the video certainly makes an impact when you realize most of these movements are now done entirely autonomously. It's an impressive display - and so much like the actions of a person that it's also a little unsettling. The robot was manually driven on a path ahead of this test, which allowed it to build a map of the space, and it then used its cameras to localize itself within that map.

SpotMini navigates indoors and outdoors, completing the route in just over six minutes.