Jacksonville teenager arrested for trespassing and trying to steal Blake Bortles' truck


Blake Bortles has thrown 12 pick-sixes in his National Football League career, so he has plenty of unfortunate experience in seeing foes pick him off and take it to the house.

Based on the address Horton gave police and neighbors' confirmation to the TV station, he lives with his parents in a multi-million dollar home a few blocks away from Linder's residence. Bortles had his wallet stolen from his pickup truck in a freakish robbery at teammate Brandon Linder's home.

Jacksonville Jaguars' quarterback Blake Bortles nabbed a high school student who police said tried to steal his truck.

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Duval County jail records show 18-year-old Joseph Arthur Horton is charged with auto theft, auto burglary and trespassing. Horton then abandoned the truck with Bortles' wallet, which was later recovered. Reed said he didn't think anything of it and went inside. Bortles told police nothing appeared to have been taken.

When they checked surveillance video from the home, Police found footage of the man walking up from the street and getting into Bortles' black Ford F-150, which was unlocked with the keys inside. He got into the truck and turned it on, moving the truck just a little forward and a little back, but numerous cars were blocking the driveway at the time. When officers arrived, Horton was standing under the close watch of Bortles and two of quarterback's friends. Linder said he asked Horton for his name, was told "Joe", and later called police when he found Horton upstairs in his home and determined that no one at the party knew him.