David Price diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel, Red Sox relieved


Granted, it was only a bullpen session, but the Boston lefty is ready to return to the Red Sox rotation Saturday against the Blue Jays in Toronto. As covered by our mothership, manager Alex Cora will sit down with current Red Sox pitcher David Price later today to discuss the road to recovery from injury and may bring up his video game habits, including his love of Fortnite.

"I saw everybody playing it and they were addicted to it and I'm like, 'I'm not going to do it because I get addicted to video games really easily, '" Hembree said. It seems like Fortnite now is the one everybody's playing, but previous year I saw a lot of guys playing Federation Internationale de Football Association.

"From what I know, it was a lot of testing and that's all I can tell you", Cora said.

When he comes here tomorrow, we'll talk about it.

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And if Red Sox fans weren't already disgusted enough with their $30 million per year "ace", the reason Price gave for his bullpen session being cut short last week probably won't help. Boston needs a starter for Saturday.

David Price said Thursday that he's been playing video games since 1997 and doesn't believe that his hobby is the cause of his recently-diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome.

But to be fair, there is at least one cautionary tale of video games sidelining a pitcher: One-time Tigers fireballer Joel Zumaya missed the 2006 ALCS due to a sore wrist later blamed on Guitar Hero. McCaffrey quoted Price as saying that he and some teammates regularly play the popular game for hours at a time, and adding, "You can lose track of time whenever you're playing it". His career was never the same after that injury, made more brutal by the fact that it was his rookie season. "Carson kind of takes over every game".

In 2013 the Tampa Bay Times published a piece - "Rays' David Price affected by allergies" - detailing how the issue might have contributed to his slow start that season.