Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant can hear silent commands that you can't


The medical event prediction exercise was done by Google on a retrospective data, and the results are early; but a great start for machine learning and AI to help mankind live better and longer. In doing so, you could essentially override the message the voice assistant is supposed to receive and substitute it with sounds that will be interpreted differently, thus giving the voice assistant a different command that would be virtually unrecognizable to the human ear. While Rincon didn't address this question directly, a quick look at a Google's blog post on Duplex suggests that businesses would in some way have to be "supported by Duplex", which means the person who answers the call would be aware that calls coming in might not always be from humans. According to Google, all of the new voices are completely computer-generated, but they sound wonderful.

But easily the most interesting was Google's sneak peek into the future, with a demo of Google Duplex. The new feature roll's out next month.

In addition to the above, Google Assistant also gets Custom Routines.

New features include new voices, a feature to teach kids good manners, the ability to continue conversations and Assistant being able to make phone calls on the behalf of the user. Individual user voice recognition is one such protocol that could prevent such silent commands from being successful: if your smart speaker is calibrated to only respond to your voice, a silent command should, in theory, not have an effect on it.

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The cool thing about Duplex is that it enables the Assistant to relieve you of mundane tasks, like having to make a restaurant reservation or a hair salon appointment. However, if it finds the conversation too complex, Rincon says, "the algorithm is smart enough to understand it's failing or can't do something and in that case, it will get a human to come and take over".

Google news is getting an overall upgrade that focuses on highlighting quality journalism. Likely be launched later in the year, here are a few features provided for the OS. The most of important of these is the replacement of old navigation buttons with gesture-based navigation control. Then the company approaches it's access shortcuts which open to you the five apps the Operating system thinks you most likely want and product development.

An enhanced Do Not Disturb mode will stop visual notifications, audio notifications, and vibrations.

There's a new wind-down mode that fades the display to grayscale when someone uses his or her phone late at night.