Delta flight in Denver evacuated because of smoke in the cabin


The Delta Flight 1854 had landed from Detroit at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night and was on the taxiway when smoke started coming out of the vents.

Passenger on the plane say oxygen masks never dropped down and flight attendants told them to get low to the ground and cover their mouth's with blankets, or clothes. Those passengers have been treated and released. Delta officials said it appears there might be some minor injuries, including smoke inhalation.

Delta blamed the smoke on a small amount of hydraulic fluid dripping onto the aircraft's auxiliary power unit - a small jet engine located in the rear of the plane.

"Once the crew determined that emergency evacuation was necessary, they quickly and professionally directed passengers off the aircraft through the various exits onboard", Black said. "Thank goodness for the passengers who take care of things", passenger Rachel Naftel wrote on Twitter.

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It remains unclear what caused the smoke.

Jayne Mednick, a passenger said, "The cabin filled with fumes, very, uh, noxious fumes, and of course people were alarmed".

Other photos show a passenger going down an inflatable slide and dozens standing in the grass looking at the plane, some holding their carry-on bags.

When the fluid made contact with the hot APU, it created smoke, which was blown into the cabin, the airline said. "Now that I think about it, what if this would have happened in the air?"