Gmail for iOS now lets you send and request money


Google today introduced a new feature meant to help users compose and send email faster than ever.

Smart Compose will use AI to auto-suggest the rest of a sentence as you type it.

The Smart Compose feature is expected to constantly operate in the background and will work on the same principle as word suggestions in a virtual keyboard on iOS or Android. If a suggestion pops up that users like, they just hit the tab button to use it. If you aren't, go to Settings Try the new Gmail.

All of these new features will be making their way to the service over the coming months.

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The tech giant claims that Smart Compose will cut back on repetitive writing while reducing the chance for spelling and grammar errors. "You'll see these AI-powered creations in the Assistant tab of Google Photos", said Google.

It can even offer relevant contextual phrases, such as suggesting 'Have a great weekend!' if the email is being drafted on a Friday.

Everyone loves the AI features of GBoard (and other keyboards) that predicts what the next word (s) will be and make it easy for you to use the prediction. Otherwise, you can ignore and continue to type as usual. For now, the new Money Feature is made available in the United States. Once that's done, they will need to go to Settings General and enable Experimental access.

It's the email soul mate you never knew you wanted. Gmail will take your email's subject into context. With the help of this new feature, AI and machine learning will understand who is in the photo and also offer to share the photo with the person.