A WhatsApp Message Is Causing Android Phones To Temporarily Freeze


Thus far, reports are saying that the message bombs are capable of crashing both Android and iOS versions of the WhatsApp app. If a specially crafted message, found on Pastebin, is sent to a device, it can manifest in the aforementioned behavior, thanks to tens of thousands of invisible "left-to-right" and "right-to-left" control characters placed between the emoji and the final quotation marks. The other says, "This is very interesting" with an emoji of a laughing face, though it's unlikely you'll be laughing once your phone crashes.

Tom Scott, a relatively popular YouTuber who covers multiple topics ranging from science to computers, posted a brief explanation of how the message bug works. If the user isn't on WhatsApp, it will throw an error message instead. If you tap on part of the text, the app will "expand" these symbols, which could cause the app to overload or even crash your entire operating system. Or, you can use another messaging app.

Even though this bug is a new and it hasn't been going around for that long, the Android and iOS WhatsApp community is outraged. In some cases, it freezes the app. Other than those two, advertisement messages have flooded WhatsApp with the growing popularity of the medium. However, it is still recommended to not click on them. WhatsApp itself presently can't seem to make any remark on the bug or issue a fix to secure against it, so we can't yet make certain about precisely what's happening.

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It is best to avoid such messages and delete it from your beloved smartphones.

On clicking this message, it can hang your smartphone and you will not be able to see anything on your display for some time.

In light of reports throughout the end of the week, a few varieties of the message appear to do the rounds, so we can't let you know precisely what to search for. There are also complaints of Android phones being disrupted by the message bombs.