Teacher walkouts could be the next #metoo movement


"It's so incredible to see that people actually care about teachers again", Weekley said. "So what I think it's important to understand is that there will be $100 million there for support staff and the commitment of that rising to $371 million over the next five years". Whether the strike continues into next week at other schools in the state appears to be unclear at this point. "I decided, I don't want this to happen to other educators".

Crites also asked where the money is going to come from.

"All of the educators who are planning to come down to the Capitol, they would much rather be in the classroom educating their students", Ms. Dallman said. The districts serve hundreds of thousands of students, who got the days off.

Ramos described the militant three-year-long strike copper workers waged against the Phelps Dodge Morenci mine bosses that started in 1983.

Under the banner Red for Ed, a sea of thousands of teachers in red t-shirts, gathered outside the State Capitol, with slogans like, "Straight Outta Funding", "Walking Out For Our Students", and more to pressure the government.

"The plan is to address this issue in a sustainable way that rewards our teachers for the work they have done and provides them a pay raise that they have earned", Scarpinato said.

In Arizona, the AEU has announced five central demands - among which are 20 percent raises for teachers and certified staff in the next school year, smaller class sizes, and yearly bumps in pay until the state reaches the national average salary, which hovers at almost $59,000 per year for public school teachers.

"Today, we are pleased to announce that this plan is a reality". Owen Hill bucked the trend of state elected officials keeping a low profile during Friday's teachers' rally in Denver.

"We are also restoring recession-era cuts to increase funding for schools and putting more money into the classroom - flexible dollars for superintendents to use for support staff pay increases, update antiquated curriculum and improve school infrastructure - without raising taxes".

Back in 2000, Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment that said the state had to increase K-12 education funding every year based on inflation and population.

"We have a press release and a tweet from the governor. The devil is in the details".

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We know that we have been down this road before.

Ducey makes promises he can't keep, said "Red for Ed" leaders Joe Thomas and Noah Karvelis. "Without education, we don't have anything", said Luis Guigon a union carpenter and Denver Public Schools parent of two children.

But here's what we know. This is all taking place despite the fact that two Republican lawmakers in the state have introduced a bill that would punish striking teachers with fines or jail time. The demonstrators are wrapping up their march outside the state's legislative buildings, where they are holding a rally right outside lawmakers' offices.

"If they're courageous, if they have the political capital to come down and speak with us, we all get a win, the students get a win, the educators get to go back to their classrooms and we get to move on and finish out the year strongly, " he said.

When the governor and his friends at the Capitol had a chance to meet with us they left town.

The carpenters made no secret that they are in a union and one reason they were at the rally was to support the teachers' unions, along with education.

Because lawmakers can not raise taxes without consulting voters, they're not expecting an immediate fix.

Actions are part of effort to build broad social movement as part of fight for school funds.

Some teachers said several lawmakers did not respond to requests for private meetings, and one teacher said she was discouraged by what she heard from an elected leader. We have to work with them on Monday, when they have to be here, and they don't get to adjourn for the week...

Mesnard said both the Arizona House and Senate are working to make a complete budget for the entire state.