Leak of Mueller's Russian Federation questions 'disgraceful'


President Trump Tuesday morning in a pair of tweets slammed special prosecutor Robert Mueller for questions he is preparing for Trump, saying that they had nothing to do with Mueller's original mandate, which was to investigate possible collusion by the Trump campaign with Russian Federation. The Ukraine-related changes to the Republican Party platform.

If, according to one common theory about Mueller's investigation, the presidential interview would be the last one in the process, the questions for Trump are indicative about evidence the special counsel already has - which investigators might wish to test with Trump in person.

John Dowd, who has strongly opposed to the idea of a face-to-face interview between Mueller and Trump, left his role as one of the president's top attorneys in March - a move that appeared to remove a roadblock to a sitdown.

A few questions reveal that Mr. Mueller is still investigating possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. No questions on Collusion.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that it is "so disgraceful that the questions concerning the Russian Witch Hunt were "leaked" to the media".

With the leak Monday night of almost 50 questions Mueller would like to ask the President as part of the investigation, it's now clear that not only has the scope of Mueller's investigation widened significantly but also that Trump, at least in Mueller's mind, has a lot to explain about his own role in all of it.

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The questions allude to Trump's discussions about sanctions on Russian Federation during the campaign, Trump's awareness during 2016 about Russia's active measures and "any outreach by your campaign, including by Paul Manafort, to Russian Federation about potential assistance to the campaign".

The New York Times published a set of questions meant for Trump reportedly from the office of the special counsel. Another question asks what the president may have known about a possible attempt by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to set up a back channel with Russian Federation before Trump's inauguration.

The following day, according to memos written by Comey, Trump cleared the Oval Office of other officials and encouraged Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn.

In fact, D'Antonio believes that the leaking of the questions will only make it more likely that Trump will put himself in further legal jeopardy by more brazenly attacking the probe.

The Times reports that the questions from Robert Mueller's team cover Trump's motivations for firing FBI Director James Comey and contacts Trump's campaign had with Russians as well as other matters.

He later tweeted on Tuesday morning: "It would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened". The Times report said it had condensed and paraphrased the questions themselves. As head of the FBI, Mr. Comey was leading the investigation before he was sacked by Mr. Trump in May 2017.