Stardew Valley's multiplayer beta is here


Hello everyone! The highly anticipated multiplayer update is nearly upon us.

Players can opt in to the beta through Steam now with a special password, while GOG players will have to wait a few more days. Those interested in partaking in the beta through steam must simply open the game through their steam library, right click select properties and look for the beta tab.

If you've done that correctly, you will now be able to select the "beta" option from the drop down box.

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ConcernedApe recommends that all users backup their savegame files and remove mods prior to starting the multiplayer beta. If you want to use an existing world, build a cabin for each person you want to play with, up to a maximum of four players per world.

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Stardew Valley's 1.3 update with multiplayer and all the fixings does not yet have a release date, but the open beta indicates that it will be imminent. In a tweet, Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone confirmed that "the new stuff is in the beta, you can play it right now", and said he would share a list of the new content "once the beta is over".

Once you have the update installed, you'll need to prepare for multiplayer in-game. Friends-only mode will only display your farm to people from your Steam or GOG friends list, while invite-only mode only allows people to join after you send them an invitation. Up to three cabins can be purchased for 100g and 10 Stone, at which point you can head back to the Main Menu and start a co-op session.

Should you get along really well with one of your new farm hands, you can "craft a wedding ring to propose to a fellow Player".

Stardew Valley debuted in early 2016 to high praise from critics. Time no longer pauses inside of menus, and you also can't go to sleep and turn over to the next day until everyone's in bed.