Jordan, Israel, Palestinians In Rare Japan-Hosted Meeting


A 15-year-old Palestinian boy in Gaza succumbed on Saturday morning to critical wounds he sustained by Israeli live fire during the fifth week of Gaza's "Great March of Return" protests on Friday.

Some Palestinian journalists are accusing Israel of "deliberately" targeting them as they cover the ongoing protests at the Gaza border. Since then, the Israeli military has killed at least 42 Palestinians, including two journalists, and injured thousands more.

It said "hundreds of rioters" tried to burn the fence and enter Israel, and went on to say that the crowd threw explosives, firebombs and rocks, and that troops opened fire "in accordance with the rules of engagement", halting the crowd.

After stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel, Pompeo headed to Jordan's capital, Amman, where he held talks with Ayman Safadi, Jordan's minister of foreign affairs, on Monday. The soldiers responded with gunfire, killing both infiltrators.

The two also tried to infiltrate into Israeli territory, the spokesperson said.

Israel's bloody crackdown has sparked worldwide condemnation.

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He said one of them was gunned down, while the other one was detained.

The U.S. secretary of state also said Syria should not be allowed to become a safe haven for the Daesh terrorist group, stressing that numerous countries - including the U.S. - had contributed to de-escalating the crisis in that country.

IDF footage of a Hamas operative attempting to destroy a security camera on the Israel-Gaza border fence, April 2018. They say the military's use of lethal force against unarmed protesters is unlawful.

Asked whether he agreed with his host Safadi that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the most important threat to the stability of the region, Pompeo declined to rank it but described it as an "incredible priority".

In the first incident on Sunday, two men "attempted to infiltrate" into Israel from the southern Gaza Strip, the military said in a statement. Life in the coastal strip has deteriorated further in recent months, with rising unemployment and grinding poverty. The last round collapsed, in part because Hamas refused to disarm.

The protests are to culminate May 15, the anniversary of Israel's founding.