Kanye West Still Loves Donald Trump, Says Ebro Darden


Kanye West's return to Twitter has not gone unnoticed as he has sparked reaction for his support of conservative Candace Owens and now turned heads by posting videos of the creator of Dilbert.

Owens is a writer, producer, and commentator. That West is applauding Owens's work isn't particularly surprising; West publicly met with Trump in 2016, and has been consistently enthusiastic about the President.

But Owens held her ground and clarified her perspective.

But hip-hop artists have also expressed frustration with their communities for playing a role in perpetuating negative social conditions that define much of black America. I believe the Democrats have strapped us to our past to prevent us from our futures. She is also black. Owens is one of many conservative pundits who travel the media circuit with a narrative about leaving liberalism for conservatism while offering no tangible solutions to any issues aside from switching political parties. In 2015, Adams said Yeezy was nearly certainly going to win the 2032 presidential election. Instead, he seems interested in interacting with major thought leaders in the U.S. Before tweeting all of the Adams videos, West also sang praises for Elon Musk and his new Tesla auto. She summarized her view of the group recently when a group of Black Lives Matter hecklers interrupted her event at UCLA.

"There is an ideological civil war happening [in the black community]", Owens said at the event, per The Root.

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"They do not want black people focused on their futures; they want black people focused on their past".

Turns out, if you have strangers drawing fan art of you and your family, like these three men have in common, then you might be a little paranoid too.

"Victim mentality is not cool". At a concert in San Jose that year, he explained his political leanings to the audience: "I told you I didn't vote". Find a topic you're passionate about, and jump right in. "You're overly privileged Americans".

Our sources say that Kanye's recent public comments aren't "making a lot of sense" to his team, who first thought his downpour of Tweets and faucet of thoughts were just PR for his upcoming album.

"Self victimization is a disease", he wrote in one tweet.