Sound Off Reactions On The WWE Superstar Shake-Up


WWE has released the following Raw Fallout videos, the first video featuring Jeff Hardy reacting to his United States Tite win, and his first title defense being announced for the Greatest Royal Rumble against Jinder Mahal. After a pretty good match, Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb to capture the United States Championship for the first time in his career. This means that Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, and Ruby Riott are coming to Raw. The two could easily be contenders for the Raw tag team titles.

As for Ziggler, teaming him with McIntyre gives him something new and fresh to do.

After the match, The Bar is backstage when they get tickets for violating the laws of the Fashion Police.

Mojo Rawley - Another former Smackdown superstar who could be thrown into lower to midcard feuds on the Raw brand.

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Dolph Ziggler formed a daunting duo with the returning Drew McIntyre, who is the latest NXT star to join the main roster, and took out Titus Worldwide easily.

Dolph then said he didn't come alone, and Drew McIntyre attacked Titus Worldwide from behind.

The Miz - the former Intercontinental Champion was moved to Smackdown at the request of Commissioner Shane McMahon, General Manager Paige and Daniel Bryan. At least for now, she still has Sonya Deville with her at ringside. Absolution assaults Natalya after the match until she is saved by Ronda Rousey. Some changes have altered the landscape of WWE for years to come, which is where we're going today.

A couple of weeks ago, WWE announced the dates of its next Superstar Shake-Up which would take place over two nights, and it started off with a bang on Monday Night Raw. Zayn and Owens embraced The Miz and the Miztourage, eager to join forces with the trio and form a group that The Miz called a bigger deal than the NWO.