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"I'm not concerned about it at all". From that perspective, Ryan's tenure looks like a record of failure.

One of several Republicans who will have a say in the budding battle, McCarthy explicitly mentioned using a procedural tool known as rescissions in which President Donald Trump could team up with Republicans to kill off the non-military spending increases. "Others may try to spin it that way, but I don't see it that way". Adding a sitting House speaker in the prime of his career to that list certainly makes that matter worse.

The party never restraining the White House wins 2 4 chairs in a mid term.

Democrats are feeling increasingly confident in their chances.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he'll remain the top Republican in the GOP-controlled chamber until retiring in January, despite calls for a fast leadership transition and concerns from within his caucus about a dragged-out process hurting the party in the November midterms.

When Ryan returns home, he still visits Halabi's restaurant. "Instead of playing the identity politics of "our base" and 'their base, ' we unite people around ideas and principles", Ryan said in a March 2016 speech on the state of American politics.

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"I've been working on tax reform since I got here", Ryan explained, as he named his accomplishments.

Ryan, the House speaker, appeared on CBS This Morning on Thursday to discuss his recently-announced retirement plans with host Gayle King.

A protracted leadership fight could make that worse. Both men spoke at the closed-door meeting Wednesday, delivering tributes to Ryan, and both attended a GOP leadership dinner Wednesday night with Trump at the White House.

Ryan said on Wednesday when he formally announced his intention to retire that it's easy for the speaker role "to take over everything in your life and you can just let that happen, but there other things in life that are fleeting as well". Ryan's retirement announcement turns a narrowly Republican district into a more credible Democratic target. We are proud of Paul and the work he has achieved over the years. He will step down from the House speakership as the personification of conservatism's decline.

"Republicans have united around him and his agenda at least up to this point", said Whit Ayers, a Republican pollster. More Republicans, in fact, highlight it in hopes of heightening alarm among their own supporters. It's about loyalty to [President Trump]. "So you're really in a no-win position if you're running in this cycle, for many of my colleagues in the marginal and swing districts".

Nicholson is telling voters "I'm happy to do one term, if it means going there taking these tough votes to deal with long term fiscal obligations, dealing with our defense problems realistically". "Wisconsin voters know he's spent his time as Governor chasing national celebrity at the cost of Wisconsin's middle class families, and no level of blaring alarm bells can change that". "It's going to be a referendum on the president of the United States and his conduct in office". Bryce pounced on Ryan's withdrawal from the race: "We just repealed Paul Ryan", he tweeted.