AtGames Confirms Mega Drive Mini Is Based On "New And Improved" Tech


Having witnessed the success of Nintendo's mini consoles, Sega is following suit with their own, the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini.

The new retro console, which you can see in the trailer below, is set to land at some point in 2018, thirty years after its initial emergence in Japan back in 1988.

The news is probably slightly less comforting to Switch owners hoping for a dedicated Virtual Console, as companies like Capcom, SNK and Sega are focusing on ad hoc vintage game re-releases.

First, Sega took to Twitter to confirm that the Sega Ages program, lead by Studio M2, will make titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Force 2 and Phantasy Star available on Nintendo Switch. One of those just happened to be the Sega Genesis Mini, which is finally a real thing and not a third-party knockoff.

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We do have a bit more to go on here, in the form of a trailer with pre-release footage. Both games will feature Japanese AND English voiceovers as well as options for modern vs. classic controls and a fully scalable screen resolution. Fans of the series may want to enjoy the two-pack titles while waiting for the Kickstarter-funded Shenmue 3, which is being developed independently from Sega.

Below you can check out the trailer for Shenmue I & II, alongside the key artwork, the box art and a few screenshots. The Switch versions will be developed by M2, who also programmed the Sega 3D Classics for 3DS.

Not much else is known yet about the Sega Genesis Mini, but more details will be revealed as its launch date draws near.