Richardson: Deal with Vikings 'best opportunity to win the Super Bowl'


The Vikings make their second splashy move of the week as they add the big man up front.

The question was thrown out there after the Minnesota Vikings officially signed quarterback Kirk Cousins last Thursday. "But with the resources provided by the Wilf family, I know that it's going to give us an opportunity at least to go out there and be competitive week-in and week-out".

His agent, Mike McCartney, began talking to Cousins about the potential for such a groundbreaking deal more than two years ago with the assumption he'd eventually arrive at free agency because of the noncommittal Redskins.

Want intangibles? Read the Sports Illustrated piece on Cousins from November 29, 2017 entitled "Kirk Cousins is as nerdy as he seems, which makes him an ideal franchise quarterback".

"As Rick said yesterday, this is a lifetime deal". If signing a franchise quarterback means having to let go of a top defensive player and fill that spot with a young player through the draft, so be it. Case Keenum, who led them to within a game of the Super Bowl, signed for the Denver Broncos, while Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater are expected to join the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets respectively.

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The guarantee of the full value of the deal is unprecedented in the National Football League, where a variety of complex factors have kept players from receiving sure-thing contracts like their professional baseball, basketball and hockey peers. It'll make Cousins the highest-paid quarterback in the league. Now, the rule can simply deter deep-pocketed owners from granting long-term, guaranteed deals that require cutting massive checks that won't be cashed for years. "That's it no more than that, but we got our whole schedule".

The key to making this a trend instead of a footnote will be more players willing to take shorter contracts. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the deal contains an additional $6 in incentives that could take the total value of the deal to $90 million.

McCartney acknowledged his confidence level of fulfilling this goal was relatively low when he first approached the Redskins about a new contract for his client.

Allen Robinson signed a three-year deal with the Chicago Bears that could be worth as much as $42 million and will be joined in IL by tight end Trey Burton. "I wouldn't change anything that has happened for the world".

Just when I thought a Minnesota professional sports franchise couldn't do anything more to surprise me, there's the Minnesota Vikings.