RDJ Delves Into Iron Man & Captain America's Infinity War Relationship


Now, as the two superheroes head into Avengers: Infinity War, Peter Parker will officially join the roster of the Avengers, with Stark's Iron Spider suit in tow.

"You know what, I've learned a lot from the missus".

There wasn't a lot, but there was a shot where we saw Thanos' huge hand next to Gamora's tiny hand, and there was another with Thanos walking alongside a young Gamora, while several of Thanos' guards held off Gamora's people.

Avengers: Infinity War will hit theatres in India on 27 April.

If excitement was the initial reaction to the above trailer, fear soon followed - thanks, in large part, to certain moments and lines of dialogue that seemed to confirm the widespread rumor that some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes are fated to die in the forthcoming film.

Marvel Studios dropped the latest Avengers: Infinity War trailer Friday, which provided a clearer picture of what this blockbuster will feature. I look at him and think this is the truest, most down moral psychology I've ever seen and then they go, Cut! and Chris is like, Hey buddy, I gotta get out of here.

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"I feel like my instinct would be to bust his jaw".

It's still unknown who says this in the trailer. I'm like, You wanna go to dinner?

Robert Downey Jr. has talked a lot in the past about going out as Iron Man on top and not wanting to ever put out something that he considered to be sub-par. Long-range projections for Infinity War won't be released for a couple of weeks, but after claiming its first record, the superhero team-up flick will rival Black Panther heavily in the box office, possibly stealing another number of records from its predecessor. Whatever you want. Or I could stay, spiking it in the end zone until I have to be carried off.

"I could project all kinds of stuff".

Infinity War will reintroduce Tony Stark as still struggling to get over his feud with Steve Rogers from Captain America: Civil War, with that movie's ramifications at the forefront of the Avengers threequel. He was not the only missing Avenger, as Ant-Man did not appear, either.