Two new Banksy pieces pop up in New York City


The world-famous British graffiti artist's latest pieces just appeared in NY for the first time since 2013. According to The New York Times, she is not yet aware of the Banksy's mural.

Doğan was sentenced to two years and 10 months in prison for painting the city Nusaybin damaged by state security forces, according to freedom of expression advocates PEN. The city is on the border of Turkey and Syria, and it was the site of extensive bombing by the Turkish military that began in 2015.

She's tweeted that she was sentenced for showing "Turkish flags on destroyed buildings".

The painting itself is based on a photograph of the warfare that had been circulated heavily on on social media in the aftermath of the fighting.

"I feel really sorry for her".

Dogan has been an active journalist for the feminist Kurdish news site JINHA, working to fight for the equal treatment of Kurdish women. The Turkish government closed the world's first worldwide feminist news agency in October 2016 after the government's Cabinet of Ministers issued two Statutory Decrees Article 675 and 676. "I've painted things much more worthy of a custodial sentence", said the guerrilla artist, who remains anonymous.

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The mural consist of black marks, representing prison bars and serve as a marker for the number of days that Dogan has spent imprisoned.

The Turkish government accused Dogan, who is also a journalist and activist, of "spreading terrorist propaganda".

Dogan was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for a painting a Kurdish town that had been reduced to rubble.

An image of Dogan's watercolor will be projected above the mural from 7.30 midnight each night for the next week, Banksy's publicist said.

One individual standing by the mural was monitoring the situation and approached me to say the projection would only be shown tonight.