Flight attendant was unaware dog was in overhead bin - United Airlines


Munoz survived the outrage a year ago after the airline called security aboard a United Express jet and removed passenger Dr. David Dao from the flight, beating him and bloodying him in the process.

Just a day earlier, a 10-month-old dog died after a flight attendant reportedly forced the puppy's owner to put the animal in an overhead compartment.

A flight from Newark to St. Louis was diverted Thursday after the airline realized that a dog was "mistakenly" loaded onto the plane, United Airlines said in a statement.

United said that the dogs were put on the wrong planes when being moved from connecting flights in Denver. This was a four-hour journey, with roughly an hour and a half spent on the ground in Akron after diverting near Columbus, he said.

United Airlines had another issue with one of its canine travelers. On Monday, a flight attendant made a passenger store her dog in an overhead bin on a flight from Houston.

Source Louis Nastro  Reuters
Source Louis Nastro Reuters

Kara and Joseph Swindle and their two children are in the process of moving from Salem to Wichita.

United said it would take full responsibility for the "tragic accident that should never have occurred" and that pets should never be placed in the overhead bins.

And a woman moving from OR to Kansas with her family on a United Airlines flight last Tuesday was stunned when she went to collect her dog from the cargo facility and instead discovered a Great Dane waiting in its place. The airline paid for the family to stay at an airport near the hotel Tuesday.

Noonan declined to say if the company is creating or modifying regulations after the row of dog-related mishaps.

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