Feinstein Tells CIA To Declassify Docs About Haspel's Torture Involvement


Senator Rand Paul, who repeatedly cited the false claims on a media tour highlighting his opposition to her nomination, brushed aside the erroneous information at the center of his attacks and reiterated his opposition.

You may have heard black sites mentioned in connection with Gina Haspel, the current deputy director of the CIA, whom President Trump has nominated to replace Mike Pompeo as head of the agency. "Any nominee for Director of the CIA must pledge without reservation to uphold this prohibition, which has helped us to regain our position of leadership in the struggle for universal human rights-the struggle upon which this country was founded, and which remains its highest aspiration", said Senator John McCain in a statement released shortly after Trump announced Haspel as his pick for CIA Director on March 13. The ProPublica leader said he feels that what happened in the newsroom's story about Haspel is not "an acceptable outcome".

That same year, Mr. Pompeo denied that the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay - a military prison with a well documented history of human rights abuses - were being mistreated. She is now the CIA's deputy director.

"It's just inconsistent with who we are as a people to have someone run our spy agency who is intimately involved with torture", Paul said in reference to Haspel.

But certainty about her role in the program has been shaken by an extraordinary series of corrections since Thursday in which four news organizations, including the New York Times, have amended or retracted articles that said Haspel was in charge of the torture of the first terrorism suspect captured after the September 11 attacks. He said he doesn't know Haspel's personal views about the harsh interrogations, but said there's no indication she ever tried to halt them.

NARRATOR: Actually, the US Senate's reviewed 6,300,000 classified CIA torture files, finding "the CIA's brutal interrogations of terrorism suspects produced no useful intelligence".

Liz Cheney's father - former Vice President Dick Cheney - was a huge supporter of enhanced interrogation used by the Central Intelligence Agency.

ProPublica had reported past year that she ran the facility in Thailand during the dark period of American political life when Palestinian-born Abu Zubaydah was tortured, though the outlet corrected itself Thursday night and said that she had not yet arrived during that episode. But from Donald Trump's standpoint, he sees her as someone ideologically consistent with him. "To her, and to our readers, we can only apologize, correct the record and make certain that we do better in the future". These assertions appeared in a story published by ProPublica in February 2017, and on Thursday evening, the news site retracted the story, which it said was based on declassified agency cables and CIA-reviewed books.

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"Haspel is complicit in the destruction of videos of interrogations". After all, India's law enforcement agencies offer a rich pool of talented professionals who have sharpened their skills over several years of custodial torture. "That is the most disturbing thing about the nomination", he said. Picking a fight with the intelligence community in the middle of a recession, in which he needed congressional support to rescue the American economy, install a new financial regulatory regime, and pass health-care reform, probably seemed like a bad idea. "You wouldn't think a grown man would do that".

Paul accused Haspel of expressing "gleeful joy" over torture.

"I don't think you really want people who are eager for war to be running the State Department".

Foa, the director of Reprieve, agreed.

"But let us play it out", he said. Her involvement was as a foot soldier in this, what we call the war on terror.

ProPublica noted that her advocacy for shredding 92 incriminating videotapes, as well as the waterboarding of al-Nashiri, are "likely to be the focus of questions at her confirmation hearings".

However, "If he were to say no, it might be enough" to kill the nomination.