Blue Ivy bids $26k on art at an auction


Despite her best efforts, Blue Ivy was outbid by actor Tyler Perry on the painting but that didn't stop her moving on to the next item up for auction.

At the event, Bey was honored for her humanitarian work at the Gala, alongside Jay-Z's mother Gloria Carter. And she's like, 'I like that!' " Jones says to more audience laughter. A fan with fragile bones also surprised Beyonce by attending and giving a heartwarming speech, in which she shared all the ways Beyonce has helped her over the years.

But the real star of the night was Blue Ivy.

- BEYONCÉ LEGION (@Bey_Legion)Blue Ivy out her bidding $19K like it's nothing.

Video captured at the event shows Blue flashing the paddle for a U.S. $17,000 bid on a portrait of legendary actor Sidney Poitier, before raising it up with a USA $19,000 bid. "We got 18 over here - you gonna do 19?" she asks the youngster. "Well done Blue", wrote one fan.

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Jay-Z, 48, in a hilarious way, then tried snatching the paddle from the overzealous kid.

Yes, the SIX-year-old proudly put down a bid of $19,000 on a painting called "Cries in Poorness" - the irony here is hard to miss.

The theme of the evening was "Waco to Waconda" inspired by the box-office record-breaking film Black Panther. Blue's wig gave off a Cleopatra vibe, while Queen Bey's sheer gown was a bit Princess Leia-esque. Beyoncé and her daughter wore matching gold dresses for the event.

Ch-ch-check out the auction moment and other Blue Ivy highlights from last night's gala (below)!