UN Hails Unity Agreement Between President Uhuru and Raila


Some Jubilee MPs from Mt Kenya have praised President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga for working together.

Both leaders were declared to have carried out discussions on Friday, as they reached a conclusion to cooperate.

But Mr Odinga defended his move, saying it was the best option given the challenges facing the Opposition in recent days.

He, however, expressed concern that, with diminishing chances that they could force a new round of free, fair and credible elections, joining hands with Jubilee Party was the only viable way to safeguard their political legitimacy.

However, nothing much was achieved and this led to NASA's boycott of the election that saw Uhuru emerge victorious and his win upheld by the Supreme Court.

He said unity was critical to achieving economic progress in the country hence the need to support President Kenyatta's commitment to national cohesion. We listened and asked questions.

"We would like to take this early opportunity to congratulate the two leaders on their exemplary, magnanimous and their patriotic leadership", Musila told the media.

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This led to convening of a NASA summit where arising issues were ironed out.

For Mr Kabando, he says he has been vindicated since what he stood for has come to pass.

The former Senior Presidential Advisor said this is exactly what the lobby group Friends of Uhuru Kenyatta Caucus advocated all along a year ago.

NASA co-principals demanded answers from Raila on why he held talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta without informing.

"The Opposition needs to accept this as the basis for the dialogue that it, and many Kenyans, want".

The U.S. had called on Odinga to recognize Kenyatta's leadership so as to create room for dialogue.