Is every character in "Game of Thrones" going to die?


During the INTV conference in Israel, HBO Senior VP of Drama Francesca Orsi spoke about the planned projects.

Oh, and an HBO exec has teased that all of your favorite characters may die in Game of Thrones season 8.

"It was a really powerful moment in our lives and our careers", Orsi shared. Well, George R R Martin DID promise us a bittersweet ending, to be fair. (Witherspoon is also an exec producer on the Apple show, as she is on Big Little Lies.) Witherspoon and fellow star/EP Nicole Kidman, sources say, received between $250,000 and $350,000 an episode for season one, plus EP fees and points off the show's backend. "It was wonderful", she said.

Orsi remained tight-lipped on what sort of budget the network would be working with, but she did confirm that $50 million per season just "wouldn't fly" for what HBO has in mind.

No expense will be spared for the "three, four, five spin-offs", created by writers including Max Borenstein, Jane Goldman, Brian Helgeland and Carly Wray, according to Orsi.

As previously reported, HBO is now developing between three and five spin-offs to "Game of Thrones".

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Filming is already ongoing in Northern Ireland which is home to the House of Stark where the Winterfell set is built on and in January a series of photos captured the set going up in flames! As we learned in the very first episodes of the series, anything can happen on the show and no one is safe.

Words by Haleema Khokhar.

"There is a conundrum if we do take off on one of these G'ame of Thrones" spin-offs, where do we start?" However, none have been picked up to series yet, meaning they could all end up as crumpled piles of paper in a waste basket.

Game of Thrones will return for its eighth and final season in 2019. Game of Thrones alone was running with a $15 million dollar budget per episode last season, and this next season won't come cheap, with the duo alluding to the fact many characters will die.

"Game of Thrones" is also skyrocketing the network's budget.