Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9


It looks great, has a crisp screen, is fast, and has a camera capable of capturing some awesome slo-mo video. Aside from that, the phone also went through a bend test, through which it survived extremely well.

What does the Galaxy S9 cost right now?

With the March security update already installed on the newest Samsung flagships, we hope that Samsung will continue to keep up with fast updates.

Pre-order now by visiting or and open the Pandora's Box to #DoWhatYouCant. It is also possible to install the update via Samsung Smart Switch. Since Samsung has planned well to sale out the Galaxy S9 phones, these promotional offers may attract more users of the existing Galaxy S series phones and the new ones at the same time. If you aren't already enrolled and want to, hit this link. The new Galaxy S9 duo is the iterative version of last year's Galaxy S8 duo with some minor improvements. The Galaxy S8+ took a little longer to come down in price, but it had fallen to $500 by November.

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YouTuber JerryRigEverything got his hands on the Galaxy S9 duo and put them through a durability test. Which means Samsung aims to ship 43 million Galaxy S9 devices which is 2 million more than the Galaxy S8 shipments previous year.

How much will older Galaxy phones cost?

We expect that once the S9 is released, there will be similar discounts on the S8, taking a few hundred dollars off.

Soon identical update should be out for the flagship models including Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8.