Trump met with Clinton's impeachment lawyer to assist in Russian Federation probe


A person familiar with the overture said Emmet Flood, a partner at the firm Williams and Connelly, met last week in the Oval Office with Trump to discuss the offer. If hired to join POTUS' outside legal team, attorney Emmet T. Flood would help deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

The Times explained that Flood would not replace Ty Cobb, but that Cobb's primary role was document production, a task that is almost complete.

Mr. Cobb's primary task - producing documents for Mr. Mueller and arranging for White House aides to meet with prosecutors - is largely complete.

The outreach to Flood is a sign that the White House has recognized the investigation is probably going to continue for some time.

"The Failing New York Times purposely wrote a false story stating that I am unhappy with my legal team on the Russian Federation case and am going to add another lawyer to help out", Trump wrote.

Cobb, however, has told friends that he views his position as temporary and does not expect to stay on the job much longer, the report said.

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Flood was interviewed over the summer about joining the White House counsel's office to manage the special counsel inquiry.

Trump's personal lawyers have been handling negotiations with Mueller's team over the terms of a possible interview with the President. "They are doing a great job and have shown conclusively that there was no Collusion with Russia.just excuse for losing", tweeted Trump early Sunday morning.

Flood now works with law firm Williams & Connolly, and represented Bill Clinton during the Democrat's impeachment proceedings in 1998 amid the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Flood's law firm, Williams and Connolly, represents Hillary Clinton, including in the email scandal, one possible reason that sources told Reuters previous year the firm turned down representing Trump as outside counsel. He also represented former Vice President Dick Cheney in a civil suit brought by former Central Intelligence Agency officer Valerie Plame. "The writer of the story, Maggie Haberman, a Hillary flunky, knows nothing about me and is not given access". He had been on the legal team "wish list" of some presidential adviser since a year ago, the Times reported.

In addition to serving on Clinton's legal team, Flood served as special counsel to former President George W. Bush on executive privilege cases during his administration.