National View: Stormy Daniels beating Trump at his own game


While Solid Gold had previously advertised that Stormy's performance would be accompanied by an auction of a dress the porn star wore during her alleged affair with Trump, any mention of the auction was taken down before the event.

"Has anyone offered, has anyone, including Larry Flint - but I want to ask this in universal sense - has anyone offered to pony up the million dollars to protect her and say "here, I'm good for it, go tell your story"?"

"You think her life is so easy, folks?"

'Now, yes, I'm more in demand, ' Clifford told CNN.

"Stephen, I told you before, I don't care about this woman, Slimey Manholes", said Benanti as Trump. Earlier this week, Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen brought Trump into the fold when it was reported that Cohen had complained about Trump not paying him back after making the $130,000 payment to Daniels.

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Clifford has been in the adult entertainment business for 17 years, she said.

Daniels, who began her career in show business as a dancer in Louisiana, moved to Los Angeles to make porn films.

She said she was taking in stride being one of the most spoken-about people in America, and all that it comes with.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington lodged the civil and criminal complaint, arguing that the payment may have been a loan from Cohen to Trump and, if so, needed to be disclosed. Cohen has claimed Trump never knew about any of it, and used his own money for the deal. "She's great, she's great".

What bothers her, she said, is the "flat-out lies" that have been spread about her. She also admitted to "capitalizing" on her fame. "So that's been really great", she said.