Mindy Kaling got 'the most useful' parenting advice from Reese Witherspoon


Gift giving isn't a competition.but if it were, Oprah Winfrey would easily beat Stephen Colbert.

Award-winning actress Mindy Kaling said she had "pure love" for science fiction as a young girl and identified with "A Wrinkle in Time" before she was ever cast as one of the upcoming film's stars.

Rather than pick something extravagant for her answer, Mindy - who welcomed her first child, a daughter named Katherine, into the world in December - decided on an answer that was closer to present day.

Unfortunately he got one-upped by Oprah, Kaling's co-star in A Wrinkle in Time. It's amusing because I didn't know when you have a baby that you're gonna be up every three hours. "We're doing so much worldwide travel, and she was giving me really practical advice on how to carry a screaming baby on the plane. So I'm up in the middle of the night with her and then afterwards it's hard to go back to sleep". I'm thinking of you.

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"Over text message, Reese talked me through how to carry an infant vehicle seat on the airplane", she told People.

"I think that I was underestimated a lot in my career coming up", she said. Apparently Stephen sent the Champions actress "very nice" and "very old-fashioned" baby clothes for her 2-month-old daughter, Katherine, from his home town in SC, which didn't hold a candle to her A Wrinkle in Time costar's custom bookshelf.

"So, that's my life now", Mindy laughed.