Hasin Jahan comes up with yet another statement against Mohammed Shami


"I am not sure whether every player knows him but he provides prostitutes to Shami", she said while answering the query on Kuldeep. She has released an exclusive audio tape of her phone conversation with Shami, in which he agreed of taking money from the girl in Pakistan.

She also told to media that he had changed his behavior when he found his cellphone missing and if I catch his cell phone he would have rushed to UP and would've filed divorce.

'All of you have seen on the social media the pictures I posted during Holi. When he said whether he could send some lady today then Shami answered that "She came last night, send another one today".

Shami however, has requested thorough investigation in the case and the allegation levelled against him by his wife.

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"There have been many accusations which are increasing day by day". Why didn't the media investigate even after I gave them all details.

There seems no end to the allegations on the Indian pace bowler Mohammed Shami. "But now that I have made a decision to tell everything, there is no question of any kind of compromise with Shami", she said. The career would be in doldrums for Shami as the matter could take a long time to resolve. Only patch up will do good for us and our daughter.

"He's making up all sorts of things to save himself from allegations". Jahan also accuses Shami's family members of harassing her for more than 2-3-years and threatening her of killing her.

Responding to his wife Haseen Jahan's "will consider" remark, cricketer Mohammad Shami on Sunday said that he is ready to talk and solve the matter. Jahan was a divorcee and had two daughters from her previous marriage when she met Shami for the first time. "I have proof to substantiate my claims", she sai. It is purely a personal matter and the BCCI has nothing to do with it. With the stress in India on women empowerment, the chance that Shami will escape scot-free look very slim unless his wife withdraws the charges.