Elizabeth Warren not running for president


Elizabeth Warren on Sunday ruled out a 2020 presidential run and taking a DNA test to prove Native American ancestry - an issue that has nagged her Senate campaigns and would nearly certainly create problems in a White House bid.

"What I am telling you is I am in these fights every day for the people of MA and for the people across this country", Ms. Warren said, adding, "I am in this fight to retain my Senate seat in 2018, that's where I'm focused, that's where I'm going to stay focused, I'm not running for president".

"I'm not running for president in 2020". Despite slander from the President, Warren remains passionate in her fight for social justice for the Native American community.

However, Warren's reflection of her heritage remains based on what she was told by her parents.

Speaking to Native Americans, Sen.

"She truly understands Indian country and what sovereignty really means", Andrews-Maltais said. "Never got any benefit from it anywhere", Warren said.

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Warren's public embrace of her family story could carry political risks - but not necessarily from Trump. But she's also been dogged by the allegation that she has claimed Native American ancestry to advance her academic career.

Warren's playbook has precedent.

Warren has faced questions about her Native American ancestry since the Boston Herald reported in 2012 that a Harvard Law spokesman had referred to her as Native American.

"I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead", she said.

Jeffrey Berry, a professor of American politics and political behavior at Tufts University, said no speech will make the narrative go away, in part because conservative groups and Trump enjoy taunting her.

After hearing this story, Todd returned to his initial concern: Why not do genealogical research or take a DNA test to find out her actual heritage? No, it is not the price that deterred the wealthy Warren from taking the test, the Senator simply wants to retain her family's folk lore.