Snapchat is Testing User Tagging in Snaps, Just Like on Instagram


Snapchat's version of the feature asks users to swipe the "more" option, displaying the name of the person tagged, their handle, a Bitmoji and an "add" button to follow their account.

Snapchat and Instagram have both temporarily removed GIPHY integration from their products following the appearance of a racist GIF. Although Facebook Messenger and Twitter also support GIFs on their platform, they utilize the Tenor database, which means that they are safe from this particular controversy, for now, at least. The option will give Snap another way to expose users to more Snap content and promote influencers.

The guys at Snapchat seem to be playing around with a new feature, not yet rolled out, which copies the "tagging" feature from Instagram.

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What new features would you like to see added to Snapchat? For example "Stories", which originated on Snapchat, but grew like a wildfire once Instagram implemented it for itself. However, this new addition proves to be important with the re-designed Snap experience. If brands can create more connections with their audience, it could help them shift across to the more widely used friends tab rather than the less used "Discover". Story tags could spark conversations that lead to the back-and-forth visual communication that Snapchat pioneered.

If a user has been tagged in a post, they will receive a standard notification similar to Instagram and Facebook. Those watching the photo or video can also click on the "tag" that will then direct them to the user's profile. They might only learn about it when they start receiving friends requests.