Minnesota politician writes bill to ban 'Bachelor' star Arie from the state


Drew Christensen, a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, who's said he's drafting a bill to ban Arie from the state. "I knew there was all these feelings and I wanted to be certain in my decision before I came to you". Shocking unedited, uncut split screen footage showed 36-year-old Arie breaking up with Becca so that he can be with runner-up Lauren Burnham.

Christensen's challenge surpassed his expectation, receiving almost 12,000 retweets by the time he signed the bill. Although Becca was left heartbroken and blindsided, she will have another chance at finding love as the star of season 14 of The Bachelorette.

"I do regret proposing that day because I wasn't fully ready", Arie told Becca.

But it was hard to watch that local connection get her heart broken in such a public fashion - she thought she was having a rendezvous with her fiance at a house in California, but instead, there were two cameras and a whole crew on hand to witness the Bachelor dump the very first Minnesota victor of this reality show competition, which has been around since 2002.

Luyendyk, the son of two-time Indianapolis 500 victor Arie Luyendyk, may have actually gotten himself banned from Minnesota, Kufrin's home state.

In part two of the finale on Tuesday, Arie tried and succeeded to get Lauren back, who he had dumped in favor of Becca.

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Harrison said he knows that relationships aren't always "pretty" or "perfect", adding he understands why the audience was so upset by Luyendyk Jr.'s decision.

"The state of Minnesota hereby adopts a policy of zero tolerance of Arie Luyendyk, Jr. from season 22 of the 'The Bachelor, '" the bill reads. "She really knows how to handle herself, and she's taking this in stride and you can't help but love her".

"I thought it was a little much", Christensen said. "She's just been so incredibly strong", ABC executive Robert Mills told ET on Tuesday.

"It's very painful to see one of the worst experiences of my life played out on TV", Harshman said to Life and Style, adding that some of her family and friends didn't know about the miscarriage.

"I hope, after everything, that he just holds [Lauren's] heart in the highest regard", she continued.