Google Assistant adds daily updates and push notifications for voice apps


Working with Google to add Google Assistant voice command recognition to their system was possible before; it's just that now, with this new feature, it's a whole lot easier. At SXSW, the company is showcasing all of this at a "Fun House" with custom smart robots that integrate with the Assistant. It's similar to how at MWC Google announced that OEMs can create device-specific Assistant commands to launch custom hardware and software features.

Of all the features, the ability to issue complex commands seems most promising, as it'll significantly increase the number of things Assistant-powered devices can do. Like other audio content on an Android phone, actions using the media response API can be controlled from a phone's lock screen or notifications area.

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Lastly, Google Assistant also now allows you to ask for periodic notifications from apps that support Actions, such as Forbes' "Quote of the Day". The new feature joins Built-in Device Actions, another recent addition to Assistant's development kit, which lets developers specify particular traits on a given device. Basically, this means that Google Assistant users will have access to more audio experiences, including relaxing sound, clips from favorite TV shows, as well as news briefings. Additionally, users can now use voice commands to pause or replay media. TV shows like The Daily Show will have segments available for playback and general show information. Google uses the example of turning on a connected oven. Some of today's changes include media playback, Assistant-enabled devices, and subscriptions. For example, you can tell Assistant you want a daily update on cryptocurrency prices from CoinBase.

Amazon's Alexa may have more "skills" and connect with more services, but when it comes to artificial intelligence smarts, Google Assistant has the competition beat (sorry Siri, it isn't even close). Now you can say a more specific command such as "Ok Google, set the oven to convection and preheat to 350-degrees".