Amazon Alexa Available with Follow-Up Mode and New Innovations


The E-commerce company Amazon has added a new feature for its Alexa voice assistant that would let one make subsequent requests without needing to repeat one's Echo speaker's wake word. With Follow-Up Mode, Alexa will listen for 5 seconds after she's done responding to you to see if you have anything else to ask. It is interesting to note that the latest addition of a feature comes just a few days after, several Amazon Echo speaker users reported a unusual bug where Alexa was seen to be laughing for apparently no reason.

As CNET reports, follow-up mode is merely an option, so users don't have to worry about being forced to use it. For example, you won't be able to ask Alexa to turn your lights off and change the temperature of your house in the same sentence, but you can make one request and then follow it up with another one without needing to say "Alexa" again.

Even if she occasionally laughs creepily at you for no reason, Alexa is still a pretty helpful digital assistant. However, at any time, you can abruptly stop Follow-up Mode by saying "stop", "cancel", "go to sleep", or "thank You".

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What do you think about Follow-Up Mode?

To enable follow-up mode, open the Alexa app and locate the Settings menu. The blue indicator light on your Echo device will continue shining for about five seconds to allow additional requests. This is going to be a great aid to numerous people that use Alexa because, at certain points, one feels the need to stop the conversation if other things intervene. Currently, follow-up mode is only available in English, and will only work when Alexa isn't being used for another persistent activity such as listening to an audiobook or music.

The feature is now only available in US English in the US.