Trump tariffs are not a negotiating tactic: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin


Canadian and Mexican officials have objected to Mr. Trump's planned tariffs, which he has justified as a way to protect national security, since they could be branded a threat despite their deep ties with Washington.

The US does not have a trade deficit with Canada. Mexico has a presidential election in July, and the campaign - and the rhetoric that comes with it - kicks off in a few weeks.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has just spoken with congressional leader Paul Ryan and Canadian Ambassador David MacNaughton was to dine tonight with US national security adviser H.R. McMaster. If not, the talks would likely extend to the political seasons in Mexico, Canada and the United States - which could alter political positions altogether. "These things tend to converge more towards the end of a negotiation", said the USTR.

"There is no doubt that the timing is very important".

Round 8 of talks is expected to be held in Washington in April. Meanwhile, NAFTA negotiations also remain an inflection.

The recipe came together in Mexico City.

"We urge President Trump and Ambassador Lighthizer to focus on modernization to make NAFTA work even better for our industry and our country", Dooley added.

The White House says Canada and Mexico could yet be spared from U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial steel and aluminum tariffs. The tariffs, while not finalised, would presumably apply globally.

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"As the No. 1 customer of American steel, Canada would view any trade restrictions on American steel and aluminum as absolutely unacceptable", she told reporters at the conclusion of the NAFTA talks on Monday.

"We have to keep calm". NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an intergovernmental coalition involving the US, Canada, and various European countries.

The U.S. -based Aluminum Association, which represents 114 companies including Alcoa, Vulcan (VMC), and others, voiced its concerns about the potential 10% tariff on aluminum in a letter to Trump on Monday.

House Speaker Paul Ryan today from his previous call to drop the proposed tariffs outright in favor of a more measured and concentrated approach on countries that abuse the current system. "It's the wrong way to incentivise the creation of a new [and] modern NAFTA".

The Trudeau government has been lobbying aggressively for Canada to be excluded from the tariffs, but there have been conflicting signals from the White House about the possibility of any exemptions.

Another major irritant, is that the USA side wants a buy-American steel only rule for government procurement in the US but an open free trade system when it comes to government purchases in Canada and Mexico. An announcement from the USA president is set for later on Thursday.

At the close of a round of NAFTA talks, the USA trade czar told American media that it might take a while for the tariffs to kick in, so, if Canada and Mexico agree to a new NAFTA soon, they might be able to escape tariffs before they take effect.