Relatives Complain About Frida Kahlo Barbie


The three "Inspiring Women" in the 2018 series are Frida Kahlo, an artist from Mexico; Amelia Earhart, an aviation pioneer from the United States; and Katherine Johnson, a NASA mathematician and physicist also from the United States.

Mattel, however, said in a statement that it obtained the rights legally through the Panama-based Frida Kahlo Corporation, "which owns all the rights", with a Mattel lawyer stating the company purchased the rights through Kahlo's niece, Isolda Pinedo Kahlo, more than a decade ago.

"We will talk to them about regularizing this situation, and by regularizing I mean talking about the appearance of the doll, its characteristics, the history the doll should have to match what the artist really was", Sangri said. Critics say the Kahlo Barbie lacks some of the artist's features, particularly her famously thick eyebrows. As many turn to the internet to voice their opinions, there's some friction within Kahlo's family about the usage of her likeness. 'Cos TBH, the Kahlo doll looks very Barbie-ish and well pretty in that iconic Barbie way and if it wasn't for the hairstyle and distinct colours, people would be like 'who dis?'

Toy maker Mattel is celebrating International Women's Day with 17 new Barbie dolls, including Kansan Amelia Earhart.

The row with Kahlo's family might settle down, but her fans' demands will stand still.

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This is not the first time that the commercial activities of the Frida Kahlo Corporation are said to have angered some of Kahlo's descendants.

However, a statement from the family to the BBC said that Mara "is the sole owner of the rights of the image of the illustrious Mexican painter Frida Kahlo".

Speaking to the news agency AFP, Ms Romeo said: "I would have liked the doll to have traits more like Frida's, not this doll with light-colored eyes..."

"The Frida Kahlo Barbie doesn't have a unibrow and in a shocking turn of events Barbie wants to add feminism to its brand while still aggressively adhering to western beauty standards", wrote one Twitter user.