In Spain, Women Launch Nationwide Feminist Strike Protesting "Alliance of Patriarchy & Capitalism"


In Spain, women have launched the first nationwide women's strike in Spain's history to mark International Women's Day.

Women around the world took to the streets on International Women's Day on Thursday, demanding equal rights.

Their motto: "If we stop, the world stops".

One of the effects will be the cancellation of 300 trains on Thursday, the transport ministry said, with Madrid's underground network also disrupted.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, International Women's Day has assumed a new worldwide dimension for females in developing and developed nations in a similar way. The 8 March Commission is the umbrella group responsible for planning the strike.

Feminist groups only want women to strike to show how important their absence is but Spanish law does not allow for single-gender strikes and men were welcome to support it. Women on strike also set up road blocks in Spain.

Some have opposed the strike.

The ruling Partido Popular (PP) and the Partido Socialista (PSOE) opposition both issued manifestos to coincide with the day.

There they delivered white and red roses to the mothers, sisters and wives of the accused, in protest of the aforementioned strategy, which they described as a violation of women's rights.

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Actress Penelope Cruz cancelled planned public events and said she would go on "domestic" strike.

The demonstrations had the backing of Manuela Carmena and Ada Colau, the mayors of Madrid and Barcelona respectively, as well as 10 Spanish trade unions and female politicians.

In Seoul, hundreds of women and men held placards bearing the hashtag #MeToo, in a sign that the country had been swept up by the global movement against sexual harassment and assault.

Many prominent women in the media were absent from their programmes.

UK PM Theresa May announced the launch of a consultation to improve protection of those suffering domestic abuse.

Supportive unions in Spain, such as General Work Confederation (CGT), Work National Coordinator (CNT) and Interunion Confederation (CI) called for a 24-hour general strike, while the government-aligned Laborers Commissions (CCOO) and General Workers' Union (UGT) propo|sed two 2-hour strikes during the day.

"We never thought they would take reprisals", said Valverde.

The Women's Day Twitter page highlighted one nod by a corporate giant, turning an M into a W.