Mystery Powerball victor claims prize amid anonymity battle


The mystery woman who won the almost $560 million Powerball jackpot in New Hampshire two months ago accepted the massive prize through her attorneys yesterday.

In a news conference Wednesday, the New Hampshire Lottery Commission handed over the winnings to the woman's lawyers.

William Shaheen, a lawyer for the woman who has thus far remained anonymous, accepted the check for a lump sum of $352 million, about $264 million after taxes, reports said.

"She realizes how lucky she is", said Shaheen, according to USA Today.

"My client doesn't want any accolades, she doesn't want any credit", he said.

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She is suing the state lottery commission to be exempt from New Hampshire's "Right to Know Law" which intends to provide transparency and assure the public that winners aren't associated with the lottery. "She just wants to do good things". Her lawyers also announced several big donations to charity - including $150,000 to Girls Inc. and $33,000 each to three New Hampshire chapters of End 68 Hours of Hunger. The state is arguing that under the law, that means that her name is public information.

In court documents, the lottery victor asked a judge to allow the lottery winnings to be paid to a designated trust that keeps her anonymous.

"The New Hampshire Lottery is excited to award yet another Powerball jackpot to some very fortunate Granite State residents", New Hampshire Lottery director Charlie McIntyre said in a statement.

A trust she created is receiving the money, but she signed her own name on the back of the ticket, which is generally considered a public document once the ticket is given to lottery officials.

Although the euphoria of a jackpot spurs many winners to publicly celebrate, Mr Kurland warned that when a person suddenly has so much money "everything changes".