CDC officials say flu season has finally peaked


The health department facility in Pauls Valley has high-dose vaccine for senior citizens that may not be available from health care providers.

"While we believe that flu season has peaked for us in DE, flu is still widespread and at high levels in our state, and will likely continue to circulate for weeks to come", said DPH Director Dr. Karyl Rattay. "Having said that, the incidents of flu right now even having gone down is still higher than it was at its peak past year".

If the season lasts 20 weeks, as most seasons do, it should end in about five weeks, he said.

"This number represents the number of individuals who had influenza specifically listed on their death certificate", the report warns, adding the number of flu-related deaths is likely higher since "many influenza-associated deaths are due to secondary infections".

Simpson said cases of the "bad" flu - the Influenza A virus subtype H3N2 - are decreasing but cases of Influenza B are on the rise, accounting for approximately 60 percent of all cases statewide.

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Illustration of the influenza virus.

Those who are having flu-like symptoms such as fever, body aches, fatigue and chills are encouraged to stay home from public gatherings until they are able to go 24 hours without a fever, and without fever-reducing medication.

Last week, local health providers notified the county Health and Human Services Agency of 708 newly-confirmed flu cases, a number that's up from the previous weekly total of 542.

Flu patients are still present on large number in the US. Still the flu is at epidemic level.

Haselow also recommended that people wash their hands frequently and cough into their sleeve or elbow instead of their hands.