Android P will let Autofill automatically work within web browsers


Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 comes with DeX support that allows you to use your smartphone as a trackpad, and you can even hook up a monitor and a keyboard to transform it onto a PC. That appears to be changing with the release of Android P as we were sent a tip by XDA Member 500 Internal Server Error that two commits finally enable Bluetooth HIDD. Android P will reportedly add support for a specialized Bluetooth profile called Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device), which will allow users to turn their Android P-running smartphone into a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. While a patch for this was committed back in December 2016, it was disabled, but Android P will most likely enable it. Once the required Bluetooth code is enabled in stock Android natively, you won't have to root your phone to use your phone as a mouse/keyboard.

XDA Developers also found that the Bluetooth HID interface has already been added to Android 8.1, which means that in time, phones like the Google Pixel 2 and other phones that are on the latest version of Oreo will be able to use this feature with apps that support it. It was quite the breakthrough, but of course, seemingly never legitimized or supported by Google and the Android team. However, according to reports, Google is expected to enable it with the release of Android P later this year. The feature can also be used to control workplace presentations or as a media remote for devices.

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More details on Android P's features will be released at Google I/O 2018 in May. There is a new feature, though, that locks down your device with the push of a button.