Teen Breaks Retainer Thirsting After Shirtless Michael B. Jordan; Actor Responds


Her post quickly went viral, but Sophia told Teen Vogue she never imagined the Jordan himself would see it. "That is the f*****g funniest s**t ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel".

A teenage fan was so captivated by a scene featuring a shirtless Jordan that she bit down and broke her retainer, her orthodontist shared on Tumblr.

Unsurprisingly, her reaction to the Tumblr post took off - with Robb also reassuring Twitter users that she was only joking about the "I'm going to kill myself" line - and it seems even Jordan saw the amusing side of the incident.

She also told Buzzfeed that she was horrified about going to the orthodontist originally, and while she admitted that, "When I told them they laughed, obviously, but it was super sweet and of course it made a great story".

The tweet happened to come across Robb's timeline, who immediately recognized the story.

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The 31-year-old "Creed" actor responded by offering to replace his fan's broken retainer.

The internet found the whole thing hilarious, especially when the patient in question found the post and confessed that it was about her.

Sophia admitted that the response to the post has been "overwhelming" but she's been trying her best to keep up with the response. "I would scream", she said. "Now I'm just anxious that I'll never say anything as amusing as that story", she said. She admitted that the idea of the Fahrenheit 451 actor seeing her post is already insane.

For those anxious about the plight of the retainer itself, her orthodontist managed to glue it back together.

And now it looks like we know Michael's thoughts on the situation - and he wants to lend a helping hand. He volunteered to replace the braces as he felt "partly responsible for breaking [them]".