Microsoft is ditching Windows 10 S for 'S Mode'


You can't install normal Windows programs on 10S, because the only software it can handle are UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps from the Windows store. Also, the apps will run in a limited nature, just as they perform operations on Windows 10 S operating system.

This was obvious from previous year because Microsoft non-coincidentally announced Windows 10 S at the MicrosoftEDU Event held in NY last May.

Microsoft today announced Windows ML, an artificial intelligence runtime that brings high-quality machine learning to Windows devices.

Microsoft is revamping Windows 10 S, its version of Windows 10 customized for students, from a standalone operating system to a version of Windows 10.

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According to the report, Polaris will follow the same rules as Windows 10 S and is a brand new version of Windows 10 for desktop PCs. This isn't confirmed by Microsoft yet, and users will expect clearer details of these aspects of the S Mode shifting. Unlike many online publications, we don't have a paywall or run banner advertising, because we want to keep our journalism open, without influence or the need to chase traffic.

Thankfully, it seems Microsoft has come to its senses. Users can now upgrade such devices to the full version of Windows 10 for a $50 fee. This will make it simpler to transition to using Windows 10 S or, in the case of consumers, unlock the full Windows environment.

The choice to move to a Windows 10 S mode in their competing devices was expected by many, but it's also muddying the waters and making it more hard to tell which Windows PCs are meant to capture the attention of an education market that is now enamored with Chromebooks.

In a reply to Hachman, Microsoft's Belfiore wrote on Twitter, "We use Win10 S as an option for schools or businesses that want the "low-hassle"/guaranteed performance version". While Microsoft already uses AI in a number of smaller ways across Windows, the company says its AI platform will give developers the tools to easily take advantage of AI and machine learning with their apps.