Teens exposed to five toxic chemicals from E-cigarettes Video


The study testing associations between e-cigarette use and more established smoking habits was conducted by University of California San Francisco researchers Benjamin Chaffee, Shannon Lea Watkins and Stanton Glantz, who concluded that "e-cigarettes do not divert from, and may encourage, cigarette smoking". "But when they're heated to the high temperatures required for vaporization, they can produce toxic substances that are potentially carcinogenic", he said.

According to Pediatrics, researchers have done studies on middle school students and high school students who smoke e-cigarettes in comparison to those who smoke traditional and gathered some significant results.

"Have the conversation around what is this, sit down and really look at what it does have in it", Hans said.

A new study has revealed that e-cigarettes put young smokers at risk of getting cancer, and fruit flavorings appear to be the most toxic.

"I was a pack-a-day smoker for 20 years", said Justice, owner of WC Vapor. The chemicals were discovered in products that didn't contain nicotine as well.

Hess said there are countless other studies that prove vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

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The chemicals found in the e-cigarette clients' bodies were not ordered on the fixing rundown of the vape fluids.

The fight to get teens to not use e-cigarettes isn't any easy one because manufacturers are marketing some e-cigarettes to kids, like Juul, and then making specific flavors just for them as well. The rising number of youthful Americans smoking e-cigarettes are at incredible hazard for presenting themselves to these destructive contaminants regardless of the items being advertised as more beneficial.

The relatively small study tested 67 teenagers who reported vaping, compared to 16 teens who both vape and smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns there is enough evidence that vaping can be harmful to teens. "Teenagers should be inhaling air, not products with toxins in them".

"E-cigarettes are widely promoted as a smoking cessation aid, but for most people, they actually make it harder to quit smoking, so most people end up as so-called "dual users" who keep smoking while using e-cigarettes", said Stanton Glantz, lead author of the latter study, in a statement.

Last week, a study of almost 70,000 people found that daily e-cigarette use can double the risk for heart attack. Those chemicals, as well, are associated with a higher cancer risk. And, the groups that used both e-cigarettes and smoked tobacco cigarettes also had three times higher level of toxic chemicals than in the e-cigarette-only group.

"Electronic cigarettes generate nicotine in the vapor".