YouTube to soon offer an easy way to replace video background


If you are using Youtube or Youtube Go app, then let us know your feedback for these apps and we will love to feature your feedback with our visitors. Starting this week, YouTube users from all countries that support this feature should be able to take advantage of the offline availability feature. At the moment, the new tool was rolled out for the site's fresh "stories" video format, which is a copycat of similar features on Instagram and Snapchat. The technology has been integrated into stories, which is a lightweight video format now in limited beta for YouTube creators, though there are plans to integrate into more of Google's augmented reality services in the future. Though the feature is not ideal yet, it works well for a simple beta.

Google has not come up with any specific timeline about the arrival of the new feature on a wide scale. Will it only be available for Google Pixel 2 devices, provided they come with a special Pixel Visual Core chip that applies intelligent processing for images? Once the images were collected, the AI was trained with the data set to separate the background and foreground. When that next frame has only minor adjustments from the first...the program will make small adjustments to the mask. And, if the next frame is significantly different from the last, for instance, if someone else joins the video, the software will ditch that mask and create a new one.

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There's a lot more information about how the technology works over on the Google Research blog, including details about the data the company used in training. Unlike many online publications, we don't have a paywall or run banner advertising, because we want to keep our journalism open, without influence or the need to chase traffic. The offline YouTube feature is now available in 135 countries.

Google's artificial intelligence researchers have a new trick up their sleeves: giving selfie videos a new background the way you can with still photos today.