Theresa May promises to build homes people can actually afford


Prime Minister Theresa May will urge developers to "do their duty" and build more United Kingdom houses, threatening that those who delay construction after winning planning permission will find it harder to get permits in the future.

In a speech in London, May claimed the housing crisis was fast becoming a barrier to social mobility, noting the crisis around affordability in many areas, while stating the United Kingdom had failed to build "the right homes in the right places".

Mr Javid told the BBC that builders would no longer be able to "wriggle out" of their commitments on affordable housing by negotiating down units once granted planning permission.

But Mrs May will insist that "tearing up" the Green Belt is not the answer to the UK's housing crisis and that existing protections will be maintained and, in some cases, strengthened. "But we did not see a corresponding rise in the number of homes being built". [Mrs May] said she wants us to step up, and we're ready to step up.

In her speech, May said: "It's all about making this country a fairer place for all, breathing fresh life into the British dream that every generation has a better future than the last".

The removal of decision-making from local councils that continually fail to build adequate homes, with the introduction of minimum housing targets for each area and a tough enforcement approach based on the delivery of those homes.

Speaking at the national planning conference in London, the prime minister will criticse property company bosses for also failing to "do their duty" and build homes on land they own. Councils approved more than 321,000 new homes in 2016/17, while there were around 183,000 new homes added in the same year.

"In much of the country, housing is so unaffordable that millions of people who would reasonably expect to buy their own home are unable to do so". "If you're not lucky enough to have such support, the door to home ownership is all too often locked and barred", the Prime Minister will say.

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In a rare personal insight, Mrs May said the security of her first home with husband Philip made it easier for her to play an active role in society.

But May wants 300,000 homes to be built per year - well above the 2017 level of around 217,000. The nonsense will go on and nothing will change.

May will blame growing homelessness, high house prices and a generation stuck in private rented accommodation on "nimby councils" and "some of our biggest [housing] developers" who have a "perverse incentive" to keep house building down.

'It is completely wrong, therefore, to suggest the country's failure to build the housing it desperately needs is down to councils.

In a speech on Monday, the prime minister will say successive governments "failed to build enough of the right homes in the right places".

"That's why the Government is putting such an effort into building the number of homes that we need in this country".

The housing sector in the United Kingdom is set to undergo significant change, according to an upcoming speech the Prime Minister is preparing to make. The Government must back the widespread calls, including from the Treasury Select Committee, for council borrowing and investment freedoms to spark a renaissance in house building by local government, ' he added.